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All CDs in slim flexable pastic wallet.

the iota group

Tom Donald-piano, Theo Buckingham-perc/drums, Stefanos Tsoureli-oud, John Egan-flutes, Rob Paterson-bass and ark Buckingham-clainets and saxophones. For a digital download see itunes.



the iota group Live at The Half Moon

David Clayton-keys, Theo Buckingham-perc/drums, Stefanos Tsoureli-oud, Stefano Della Casa-bass and Mark Buckingham-clainets and saxophones. Recorded live at The Half Moon, Putney, London.



Buckingham / Donald Quartet

Tom Doanld, Mark and Theo Buckingham and Rob Paterson bass Live studio recording of all original jazz compositions.

Digital version available on itunes and amazon p3.

Painting by Mark Buckingham

Tom Donald and Mark Buckingham Improvised Sonatas 1 & 2.

A recording of a recital performed by Tom and Mark on the 28th Nov 08 at the National Opera Studio, Wandsworth. The recital was recorded digitally and in the analogue domain CD avilable.

Painting by kind permission of Simon Yorke

The Jammers

Dave Clayton-keys, Kenji Suzuki-gtr, Theo Buckingham -drums, Stefano Della Casa-bass and Mark Buckingham -saxes.

Mark Buckingham- 'Improvised Quartet's.

Clarinet Quartet improvisations by Mark Buckingham on all clarinets. Eb, Bb, Bass and Contra Alto Clarinets.


Anton Stadler and Bach

Anton Stadlers Three Caprices and Bach Suites 1-4 taken from 24 pieces arranged by Grampiere. Mark will in time finish recording the Bach pieces and will add other unrecorded solo clarinet pieces form the repertoire. The next recording is likely to be some of the studies from Jettels Preliminary Studies to the Accomplished Clarinetist, followed by The Accomplished Clarinetist. Some of the solos from the saxophone repertoire is in preparation. Most of the recordings will be made to open reel tape machines running at 15 ips. The master quality is fantastic. The reason for using tape was so that acetates can be produced. This will appeal to the serious hi-fi user or analogue purist because there are no affects processing or editing in the recording process. The recording is in fact a live performance to tape, the quality is superb and natural. Acetates cut direct from the master will be made available by special order.


Maurice Ravel String quartet in F Major arr, for Clarinet Quartet

This CD was recorded in conjunction with the arrangement of the score. It was intended to prove the accuracy of the arrangement and was originally for MB Pubs benefit. It was felt that to make the CD available would give Quartets the opportunity to hear the arrangement before purchase. It is also prove to be a pleasant listening experience. The arrangement, the performing of all the parts, the recording, the engineering and the mixing was by Mark Buckingham. There are some awkward moments in the recording process and in some of the playing but over all it really shows how fantastic the quartet is for clarinets. A real solo effort.

This score is also available


The Improvisations of Mark Buckingham.

This was my first CD to use the newly acquired and developed techniques of the alternative sound world of the clarinet. Techniques such as multi phonics where two or more notes are sounded at the same time with distinction and clarity. Quartertones, notes between the semitones of normal Western Music. Micro-tones, the notes between the quartertones, there are uncountable number of these. Aleatory improvisation, this is where the sonic results are unknown. Mark incorporated them into improvisation to stretch the sonic and tonal boundaries of the clarinet world. Described by Gordon Lewin of CASS as a "dictionary of contemporary clarinet playing". These ideas are not new, Klose noted the possibilities in his study book, but few players study them. Mark has become so fluent that he can incorporate them into his improvisations where normally clarinet players would play specific fingerings instructed by the composer. A unique sonic experience is the result. The CD progressively works with each sonic/technical idea and the last few tracks uses all the techniques in the improvisation. This CD was originally recorded to stereo master on an open reel tape machine at 15 ips. At the residence of Simon Yorke http://www.recordplayer.com/ Acetates can be arranged.


Sacred Site Improvisations 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002.

Their are six CDs available of recordings made in each of the years. These CDs are unique not only because of the clarinet playing but also the nature in which they were recorded. As the title suggests, Sacred Site were the recording space. Stone circles, cairns, chambered graves, standing stones and holy wells to name a few. They were often recorded at significant times such as dawn, daybreak, sunset etc. They all capture the sound of the environment and the atmosphere whilst the clarinet playing complements those sounds. The techniques used are those described briefly above (more info on the clarinet page). In many ways the sounds have an incredibly ancient aura and sound very natural, relaxing and contemplative in these Sacred spaces. These solos were recorded onto a portable open reel to reel tape recorder, no editing or effects were used. A live performance to tape. The quality is outstanding. By arrangement available on acetate.

Improvised Solos Duos Trios

This CD takes the development of the alternative sounds of the clarinet together with normal tones to make a unique audio experience. This is a totally new development. The solos were recorded onto open reel tape, so no editing has occurred. The duos were recorded onto a multi track tape machine, the first improvisation was performed, and this was then listened to then the second improvisation was played on top of it. With the trios the same process was used but a third voice was added. These improvisations really push the boundaries of present listening. The blend of all the techniques that Mark is fluent with and comfortable to improvise with has created a blend of tones, melodies and harmonies that has never heard before, outside of Marks playing. Melody is always an overriding concern throughout the performances. Playing for purely sound effects or technical ability is a waste of time. The melodies are in another sound domain but Mark endeavors to make them a natural development to the normal sounds of Western Art Music. To embrace Western Art Music in an improvisational form has been so far a 20-year endeavor.


Farrago Volume 1 Audio file Double Vinyl.

Side 1 and 2 Poetry with improvised music. Side 3 and 4 Instrumental.

Farrago is a collection of works compiled from analogue tapes by Simon Yorke http://www.recordplayer.com/ over the past 20 years in collaboration with Mark Buckingham. The variety of music is vast, ranging from highly individual playing by Simon on electric guitar with drones, to an esoteric bass clarinet solo. Already a collectors item in the vinyl world, due to its analogue bias and the musical world for its uniqueness. Only available on double vinyl.

(Simon Yorke's - world class turntables)

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