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MB Publications is the publishing company of Mark Buckingham. You will find information on the Jammin' the Blues series of books designed for young and beginner musicians to learn to improvise. This site also includes a Resources page for teachers to help their pupils, including short extracts. The clarinet sound world of Mark Buckingham, where you can hear the unique tones and timbres created using alternative playing techniques for the Bb clarinet, Bass clarinet and Contra Alto clarinet. A massive number of varied CDs and a vinly double album with Simon Yorke (www.recordplayer.com) are available. A page where technical details are presented for clarinetists to attempt to create some of the sounds.

Scores of Ravel’s String Quartet in F Major arranged for Clarinet Quartet, Saxophone Quartet, Flute Quartet and by special arrangement instrumentation of your choice. An arrangement of Schoenberg’s transfigured Night for Clarinet Choir Eb, 2xBb, 2x Alto 2x Bass, Contra Alto or Contra Bass Clarinets. I have recorded both of these works to prove the accuracy of the score and to give prospective purchasers an opportunity to hear it. You hear a short section as an mp3 or the complete work on CD, the Schoenberg recording will be completed soon up to bar 277 is ready. No more arrangements are planned but commissions maybe undertaken. The first page of all the parts for the clarinet quartet and the saxophone quartet are available as PDF files, for you to print off and have a go. The Schoenberg pages will be made available soon. The shop has purchasing details

Paganini's 24 Caprices arranged for Solo Saxophone and Solo Clarinet avaliable from the shop. Also from Howarths of London and June Emerson Wind Music.

On the technical page for the Alternative Sound World you will find details on how to play some of the same sounds that can be found on the CDs, Sacred Site Improvisations, Improvised Solo’s, Duo’s and Trio’s, Improvised Quartets etc. Fingering guides, lip pressure, air pressure, position etc. Please print off and practice. A book will be produced soon of all the techniques I have learnt and developed.

The resource page has been designed to give support to teachers who may have had Jammin’ The Blues brought to a lesson, or has decided to understand the art of creative music making. Jazz and improvisation has become so important in today’s curriculum that many teachers ‘fear’ improvisation. This page along with using the book will help teachers overcome the ‘block’ and then be able to support an interested pupil with confidence.

Information has been presented on all the currently available CDs of Mark Buckingham with friends and family. The Cathedral Recordings, Improvised Duets with Theo Buckingham on drums, Tom Donald and Sirena Riley, Live at The Telegraph Vol II, Improvised Quartets, Improvised Sols's, Duo's and Trio's, Bach Suites arranged by Giampieri for solo clarinet with Stadler Caprices.

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