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Jammin' the Blues

Jammin' The Blues CD containing 12 bar Blues sequences in all keys. £9

This CD has been created by popular demand and contains the 12 bars sequences in all keys. Piano, bass and drums played by the GP musicians. So now you can develop the skills learnt from the JTB series. The CD/Book can be purchased at the online shop.

Jammin' The Blues one chord all keys.

This CD was created to help players jamin in all keys with worry about the changes in a 12 bar blues


Jammin' The Blues Books and CDs are know available from Kevin Mayhew The Publishers Ltd.

Most music shops should stock the series. Please ask why if they do not.

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The CD was recorded by members of the The Buckingham Band. Harry Whalley-Fender Rhodes, Theo Buckingham-Drums and Max Buckingham- Bass and Recording Engineer.

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Harry Whalley-Fender-Rhodes.

Max Buckingham-Fretless Bass, Recording and Mastering.

Theo Buckingham-Drums.

The 'Jammin’ The Blues' series of books are now available from this website and selected music shops. The books are for Bb, Eb and Concert instruments. A pair of books for Guitar with tab and Bass Guitar with tab is also available. All these products enclose a CD,which contains piano grooves and the Grunt Production band on five tracks plus a tuning up track.

This is a series of books that have been designed for young and beginner musicians to learn to improvise. The title Jammin’ the Blues is very apt. The books carefully take students through the blues scales, which are the basis of the blues and jazz playing. The enclosed CD then offers players an opportunity to really practice improvising. The CD contains 15 tracks, 5 of which are with a blues band, the GP Ensemble, a total of over 50 minutes of music for the player to accompany. They are designed not to impose on the young or beginner player but to allow them freedom to find their musical voice. The first scale to learn is the G minor blues scale and the book then goes through other scales so the player can eventually play a standard blues sequence in 2 keys. Memory of the sales is important so that the developing musician is not reading from the book but using their ear and heart.

The main emphasis of the book is to take your time. Some players take months to master just one of the techniques, this is normal so the essence is not to rush. I have taught this method to players for 15 years and some of these players have been 9 and 10 years old all with great success. They learn and gain a great sense of achievement in the process however long it takes. The important thing to note from the book is all scales need to be played from memory.

The second series of Jammin’ The Blues is being worked on. This will look at modes, chords, funk grooves and jazz playing. It will also develop the ideas established in the first series. All the books will come with a CD recorded by the GP Ensemble. It will also include the blues in the harder keys. This site will let you know when it is available.

The next major publication will be the book or books describing the alternative areas of Mark's playing. It will contain descriptions of the techniques needed to play quartertones, multi phonics, micro tones etc. This will be laid out as clearly as possible and easy to read. The book will primarily be designed for use on the Bb clarinet. Mark will produce editions that will look at the techniques needed to be able to play them on the bass and contra alto clarinets. This site will let you know when its ready.

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