Ravel’s String Quartet In F Major. Clarinet Quartet. Saxophone Quartet.

This was my first score completed, if you know the Quartet you'll understand why it was chosen. For string players it is very difficult piece to play let alone perform, so for clarinet players it is a very serious challenge. It has been arranged for two Bb, alto and bass clarinets. Similar in voicing to the string quartet. It is true to Ravel's score, there has been no rearrangement of the parts. An extra page has been added to the alto part page 11 because it was insanely difficult to play with grace. The original version has been printed but the easier page is enclosed with the score so that the alto player has a choice. The original key of F Major has been kept for the clarinet parts, so the quartet sounds in Eb. To change to the original sounding key would have made the parts even harder hence the decision to write in F Major.

The idea of arranging the quartet was so that established performing clarinet quartets could have the option of performing an arrangement of a whole of a string quartet, because not many quartets of any composers have been arranged or written for clarinets. Looking at the catalogues there are not many pieces at all. This arrangement should address that balance a little. It will know doubt be of interest to college and university where student clarinet quartets have been formed. Also to the terrific amateur quartets that their are around the world. It is not suitable for beginner quartet as the parts can be seriously hard to play. They will challenge serious players as it is.
To prove the accuracy of the arrangement the piece has been recorded by Mark Buckingham and is available on CD. The arrangement, the performing of all the parts, the recording of the parts and the mixing was achieved by Mark. As you can imagine that task was immense. On the recording there are a few weak areas and some occasional recording problems but not often. What is obvious is how brilliant the quartet is for clarinet players. To play a quartet all by yourself was a bit lonely and is very hard to achieve the normal flow that a regularly practicing quartet could achieve.

Since completing the original clarinet quartet the piece is now available for Saxophone quartet, soprano, alto, tenor and baritone. A specific arrangement of different instrumentation can be supplied. Please contact honkysax@live.co.uk.


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Schoenberg's Transfigured Night. Arranged For Clarinet Choir

The second MB Publication arrangement is Schoenberg's Transfigured Night For String Orchestra arranged for Clarinet Choir. This was an immense challenge. The piece has been arranged from the orchestral score for Eb, 2x Bb, 2x Alto, 2x Bass and Contra Alto or Contra Bass Clarinets. The piece is written in the original key of the string orchestra for the clarinets. The piece is as true to the score as possible but rearrangements has had to happen. Most clarinet players do not sound 2 or 3 notes together, which is easy for strings (the CD Improvisations of Mark Buckingham, Sacred Site Improvisations and the CDs of Improvised Trios and Quartets will demonstrate the multiphonic as well all sorts of tonal possibilities of the clarinet.(link) has been written out of the arrangement. The last two pages of the sting piece are so difficult to play on the clarinet that these have been technically simplified. The notes have remained the same, as has the rhythm but the octaves in which the notes occur have been altered. The aim of this arrangement is for serious clarinet choirs everywhere. This piece is a real challenge, but hugely rewarding. The arrangement like the Ravel has been recorded and is available as a mp3 download (example on mp3 above). All the parts where played, recorded, engineered and mixed by Mark Buckingham. This was done to prove the accuracy of the score and its playability. It works. The low bass part on this recording was the contra alto clarinet.

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Schoenberg's Transfigured Night. Arranged For Clarinet Choir

Only 10 copies are available.

Contact me if you desire the score.

Click below for sample parts of the first page for the choir.

Permission form Universal Editions has been granted and the licence fee paid. The cost of the score includes those fees. There will only be 10 copies made available unless demand is sufficient to reprint, so order ASAP to secure your score. £100 and includes conductor score.



Niclolo Paganini’s 24 Capricci For Violin Arranged For Solo Clarinet And Solo Saxophone.

The Caprices have been carefully arranged and thoroughly checked, and is as accurate to the original score as possible. Because the range of the violin is so high many passages have been lowered by one sometimes two octaves. Where ostinato passages occurred with large intervals these have been narrowed to promote fluency. There has been hardly any note changes other than those absolutely necessary. One note was an error in the original score that many editors seemed to have missed. The Capricci has not been compromised to produce this arrangement. They are very difficult to perform but I have played every one to make sure they will be an interesting and a useful addition to the clarinet repertoire.
The keys have not been altered from the original score. Paganini wrote the Caprices as a challenge to violinists I have continued that tradition for the clarinet
I have assumed that the range of performers who wish to use this arrangement is capable of fluency to high A. It was found to be inadequate on some of the caprices when the upper parts where lowered so the high notes have stayed. Please contact honkysax@live.co.uk and I will produce a lowered version for you.
On the web site you will find a 2nd clarinet accompaniment to some of the caprices that had multiple parts for the violinist. Please download and enjoy as a duet.

The arrangement is as true to Paganini’s score as is possible for an accomplished clarinetist or Saxophonist to manage. They are very difficult!.

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